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Working dogs in action:

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2015 Auction Results

The 5th National Working Stock Dog Futurity Trial and Sale held at White Park, Scone on 24th and 25th July 2015 was an outstanding success. The cold wintery weather didn’t deter a record crowd from attending. With 112 registered buyers from all the Eastern States supporting the sale, and a record number of very high quality dogs being offered for sale, it was no surprise that previous records were smashed. Successful buyers came from as far afield as Nebo in Queensland to South Gippsland in Victoria to Broken Hill in NSW. Top price dog Lot 24 “Rambo” was sold by Dick Chapman for the record price of $7750, and the top priced pup was Lot 36 “Bells Chance” sold by Kevin Bell for yet another record price of $3900.

The Open Trial and Futurity Trial run in conjunction with the Sale were equally successful with record entries in both events. The results of these events are posted above on the web page.

The organisers are looking forward to building on this years success with the 6th Annual Futurity Trial and Sale which will be held at Scone in June 2016.

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Working Dog Traits

  • The dog must be calm, strong, and confident. It will be able to pull up stock by its presence alone, but if needed will apply as much force and strength as required ,but release the pressure off the stock, to give the stock a clear choice of action.
  • The dog must have and excellent temperament. It must be able to take pressure i.e. mental and physical pressure from the handler and the stock.
  • The dog must be of a good type. It must be able to travel and to back up each day and stay on the job. It must be athletic and show stamina.
  • The dog will be a silent worker, with only an occasional bark, if required to put additional pressure on a stubborn beast.
  • The dog will have a presence with cattle, which will recognise it as something to be reckoned with and who is in charge.
  • The dog will be biddable, but nevertheless will demonstrate its own ability and stock sense, and will be in the right place without constant instruction from the handler. It will have a natural balance on the stock i.e. working with you and not shutting stock down, which is a common fault in stock handling by dogs.
  • The dog will naturally cast reasonably wide of its stock, and will go to the lead; he will go out with purpose and presence. Its instinct must be to bring the stock back to the worker.

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